To all who donate and partner with us, Thank You! We appreciate each and every person involved in helping us to help the children.

Infants and Toddlers

Marcela Bell(240) 401-6194


  • Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
  • Cuddle Bear by Claire Freedman
  • All Better! by Henning Löhlein

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Our Mission

​​Books for Baltimore

  • Mini Machines Box Set​ by James Croft
  • Big and Little Box Set​ by Ana Maria Larranaga

Together, we can make a difference

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Police Cruisers in Baltimore City and Baltimore County will be stocked with $250 worth of Usborne Books and stuffed animals.

We partnered up with Strong City Baltimore. This amazing organization serves as our fiscal sponsor. Strong City Baltimore collects donations, sends donors a 501(c)(3) letter, and holds all the money until we are able to purchase the books and plush toys. 

Want to help out here in Baltimore, or maybe start your own branch in your town or county contact us. To be a part of our Baltimore team or get more information before you donate contact us at To find out about the nationwide Books to the Rescue!®  programs contact Jana Gruber at
Books to the Rescue!®  is a program started by Jana Gruber in Greene County, Ohio. Today this program is sweeping the nation providing books to children who are in traumatic situations; providing them with some comfort in a time that would otherwise leave them in distress.

We supply duffel bags filled with books for police cruisers in Baltimore, Maryland area, so that the officers can give them to the children in crisis. Here in our beloved city the amount of children in chaos is increasing everyday, and it is crucial that we find ways to provide for these kids and show them we care. It only takes a moment to touch the life of a child.

Providing comfort for children in crisis  

The more the merrier let us know how you can help.

School Age

* Please note: Books included in each duffel bag  may change without notice due to availability.

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Activity Packs
​Wheelnuts! Desert Dustup by Knife & Packer​
EJ 12: Hot & Cold by Susannah McFarlane
Pencil & Paper Games by Simon Tudhope


Each duffel bag contains 40-50 books for children of all ages!

Here are some of the included books.* 

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